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Tell-A-Friend! …and earn 10%

Sirux Mahoney 0

Hi FANTASYLAND Citizens! We hope you are enjoying your FANTASYLAND properties, and wish to invite you all to tell your friends about FANTASYLAND Estate and our lands. As a token of appreciation, We’ll give you 10% of the first week tier for every land/sim that your friends buy/rent from us! You just have to inform

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The best and most convenient way for FANTASYLAND residents to obtain support is via support tickets on our support portal. This allows you to track the status of submitted requests, post follow-up notes and correspond with us in a bulletin board fashion while allowing us to provide the dedicated support you need and respond to your requests in as timely a manner as possible. Our support portal delivers an email to you whenever a response is posted to your tickets by our support team. Please note that you can also upload attachments when you submit a ticket.

Meet our team

The team behind FANTASYLAND Estate to assist you with your queries and issues, allowing you to enjoy your Second Life experience.

Sirux Mahoney

Estate Owner & CEO

Fantasyland Magic

Estate Manager - New sim order and delivery

Fantasyland Apogee

Estate Manager - Covenant enforcement, Sim & parcel issues

Chasy Fhang

Estate Manager - Tier account creation, Tier payment notices

Lucky Stein

Estate Manager - Sim restarts, Support portal ticket handling

Mercury Koskinen

Estate Manager - CSR

Listen to our residents

Thank you so very much! You guys are amazing! I will never live on any other land as long as i am in sl =) Love my FantasyLand!

KatieLynn Koba

I do love the way you do business, you have never done me wrong or any of my friends who own land from you :) You are the best in SL at what you do. Proud to know you. Thank you.

Sparkss Spearmann

Least of my concerns, reputation is what's important to me and yours is the highest.

Arieal Demina

Thanks for the warm welcome to the Fantasyland family. With all my time on SL, this is the most professional group I have ever worked with. Great job on that!!!

Morrigan Ethaniel