Website revamped!

Hey FANTASYLAND residents!

As you have surely noticed, we’ve been actively working on revamping our website over the past weeks. We hope y’all like the new up-to-date design!

Among the changes, a notable one is the rework of our land sales webpages which now allow you to filter your land search based on different criteria namely region type and range of land size, tier and prim count, among others. The new webpages also show a map view of each property, with a direct teleport link to each.

Another great addition is the possibility for our residents to view the tier amount and due date for their FANTASYLAND properties directly on our website, without having to logon SL!

This new feature is password-protected and requires your FANTASYLAND password (NOT SL password) provided to you by our inworld bot at our Headquarters. We are sure you’ll find this feature pretty useful!

We take this opportunity to thank you all for being with us over the years and making FANTASYLAND what it is, as we look forward to more!

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